Although this is overdue...

The ancient peoples of northern Europe held a belief that one's actions directly effect the luck and 'fate' of the entire family or clan. If such a thing is true, those people related to Dana Capron have certainly benefitted from his life.

My uncle passed away Tuesday from a heart attack. He had been in rehabilitation after suffering a stroke two weeks before. Nobody expected it, since he seemed to be making so much progress. He was a good and honorable man, took care of his family, and had many friends. He will be fondly remembered by many.

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I underestimated how much longer it is to make a bow from scratch than it is to make it from a piece of wood in the general shape of a bow.

Finally, I am almost done with this bow.

Anyone else want one made?

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Does the SCA make toilet paper?

I ask because I noticed some toilet paper at work that said SCA on it and had one of those triple knots Asatruars often use. Since I remember hearing the one of the leading people in American Asatru is also the founder of the SCA, I thought perhaps it was in fact the Society for Creative Anachronism which makes the TP.

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Food for thought:

Freud's model of the psyche as a reflection of Dumezil's tripartite model of IE societies. Probably stretching a bit, but it's worth contemplating. Of course, most of the people on my list won't get this.